Friday, April 3, 2015

What a thought can do

What a thought can do.

For quite some time I have been thinking of different ways I could improve my life and the life of others. And one tool that has been with me all this time is my thoughts. Many would say that a thought isn't really anything that would get things done, but in my personal experience, my thoughts have proven, again and again, to be a very good indicators of how things are going to turn out.

And it's not that I think I have some kind of special power, I believe we all have the ability to influence our lives for better or worse.

This time I'm writing about an experiment I did a couple of months ago. First, look at the following pictures:

They look different, don't they? Here are pictures taken from the top:


Those pictures were taken on January 7th 2015, about 73 days after starting the experiment on October 26th 2014.

What happened?

Several months ago I found this article where they put some cooked rice in 3 containers with water, and for 30 days they would say or think positive/loving thoughts to one of the containers, then negative thoughts to the second one and they would simply ignore the 3rd one. The idea was to see if by thinking, you could alter what happened to the rice.
What you see on the previous pictures is a lot more mold growing on the container that I simply ignored, and the container which I sent positive thoughts stay pretty much clear. (I decided not to use a 3rd container with negative thoughts).

The difference is pretty clear, and what I found very interesting is that it didn't take that much effort to do. I simply spent about 20-30 seconds in the morning, and another 20-30 seconds at night just thinking about the container on the right. And maybe even more interesting is that after the 73rd day, I stopped thinking about the jar on the right too. My thought was that it would quickly catch up and be covered in mold too, but it actually stayed pretty clean for at least another 30 days.

But what about...?

I have shown these pictures to a few friends and some of their responses were along the lines of, the CO2 from your mouth caused it, but the jars were behind closed doors in a closet. So both jars were under the same light, humidity, temperature, etc.
Another friend told me I should try this with about 10 jars at once, and while I may do that, I have repeated this experiment 4 times, spending anywhere from 10 to 30 days on each, and the result is the same, the container I ignore, grows mold, I even switched places of the jars, to see if maybe one wall was affecting the experiment, but no, same result.
I'm sure some of you may still come up with other reasons why this isn't real, or why the experiment is flawed. I decided to take the time because I wanted to see for myself and now I know, I have tried it enough times to believe that my thoughts can affect physical things.

What's next?

The next modification to the experiment that I'd like to do is to try it at a longer distance. So far I have kept the jars in my house, the first few times, I opened the cabinet doors while sending the thoughts, the last time they were behind closed doors until I took the pictures at the end. But next I'd like to have two jars somewhere far from here, in another country even. I believe that distance won't make any difference, but I'll know for sure once I try it.


You should draw your own conclusions, you should even try this out for yourself. You get a pretty amazing feeling when you see mold growing on only one jar, and all you did was to direct some loving thoughts to a jar.

As for me, I use this as a reminder that having a positive attitude can make a difference.

P.S. This is a picture of the two jars when I first put the rice in:

Here you can see how much water I added

Thanks for reading.